12 April 2010

publishers' marketplace help?

right now, i'm a little upset that i just dropped $20 for a PM subscription (for a month). probably because i'm not finding what i want to. it's not PM's fault, but the trends... at least i know that genetic crossmutation is big in the YA world... maybe it'll make the jump to adult SF...

i'm curious, though, about whether or not the popularity of GCM in YA will eventually lead to its popularity in adult literature, or if the two even correlate. YA authors, any comment?

i guess i'm just kinda scared. my moment of truth is coming up thursday, and i just...i guess i'm just overanalyzing everything *like usual*. i think i've written something pretty good, and i've worked incredibly hard on it. i'd like to know that, even though it's a popular trend in YA, genetic crossmutation has a place in adult SF, too.

ugh. cold feet. but i feel ready and confident. it's just the unknown that i can't stand. i guess more than anything, i'll need to let my work speak for itself.


Tracy said...

Don't freak out on yourself. I'm getting ready to start the querying process again, and I'm getting antsy. It's totally normal.

If a story is interesting enough and captures the imagination, it can sometimes be the trend setter rather than a follower!

lexcade said...

thanks tracy! i'll definitely keep that in mind when i start querying.

here's hoping..:-D