30 May 2010


up to eight followers now! woo hoo! when i get to ten, i'm having a party ;) by then, i should have enough avon stuff to do a pretty nice giveaway (which means that you're gonna have to keep checking back to find out; see how i did that? tricked you into reading? muahahahahahahahahaha!)

however, this means that i'll have to update more frequently than every-so-often. i've been trying to be a good girl and write, but that's just become more daunting every day. i'm still trudging through query-land, trying to keep the word count down to a reasonable level, but i'm about to call that a pipe dream and just write what'll make sense, then worry about the word count. i've been reading queries that are waaaaaaaaaaay over 250 words *which is what i've been trying to stick with* and those people got repped. so i'm just gonna say what i have to say and then worry about it. all right? all right. now that we have that established...

i have to admit, though, that between query tracker and the bransford forums i've been getting a lot of really good feedback. a LOT of it. so if you haven't checked out either site, first, shame on you, and second, GO. they're such great resources. i could sing their praises all day. but i'm a writer, not a singer, so i won't.

and now, back to query writing.


Lydia Kang said...

Before long, you'll have even more followers!

The word count on queries is just a guideline, and less important than the content, IMO. I know a friend who writes really long queries and she gets huge agents requesting because the voice of her writing is so vibrant an comes through.

Fingers crossed for your querying!

lexcade said...

thanks, lydia! i kinda think that too. it has to make sense, number 1, and number 2, it has to sound awesome. thanks for the reassurance and the support!