29 October 2010

i promised myself i wouldn't blog until next week...

But I'm blogging anyway, and I'm certain that my feet are in peril. I can see the cat's tail twitching with suppressed rage from my feet's invasion. Ah well. I never liked feet much anyway. This will give me the excuse to get roller skates attached to the ends of my legs. And to turn the cat into stew.

I've decided that I need to start entering contests, and there are multiple good reasons for doing so. Okay. There are two. Money and recognition. Three, if the winner gets a critique.

*If looks could kill, I would be a dead person. And by typing this after I'm dead, I'd also be a zombie. The cat would make me a zombie.*

Back in June, I entered a contest on Rachelle Gardner's blog. I didn't win, but I got an honorable mention, at least. An honorable mention. From an agent. On a one-sentence summary I completely half-assed. So now I figure that if I can at least accomplish that, then I can do well when I really try. Inevitably, this will backfire, but I'm gonna do it anyway.

First contest is the Smoke City Narrators' Novel Pitch & First Five Pages contest. Winner gets $150, and up to 6 honorable mentions are posted. I'm typically the bridesmaid, so to have my logline posted on their website in any capacity would have to help, right? Well, that's my theory, anyway. The only bad press is no press.

Even though I'd rather win critiques than money, I'm diving in head first. I NEED this. I have to start establishing myself in the writing world at some point. May as well start now.

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