25 October 2010

It took quitting to get a new pair of pants!

I've settled back into the swing of my hotel job quite nicely. In fact, it almost feels like the last month hadn't occurred, and I've returned to where I belong. I'm enjoying it. Being here is like being with family. And it gives me time to write.

I'm gearing up to submit my revised query to thedisgruntledbear.blogspot.com, but I'm feeling a little ambivalent about what exactly to send. I submitted the revision from Bear to Phoenix Sullivan, who pretty much ripped it apart *which I wanted*. Soooooooo...do I submit the query with Bear's suggestions to Bear, or do I revise with Phoenix's suggestions and submit that? Eh, it's a silly conundrum, I guess. I'll just do what feels right and go from there. I liked Phoenix's suggestions and would like to use them. So...we'll see. Hopefully, I can avoid a query that sounds more like a synopsis.

The new WIP is coming along nicely. I've passed 10,000 words! *confetti and noisemakers* I feel like this one has a lot of potential, and that makes me happy. If DUALITY (dirge) doesn't sell, then perhaps this one will.

That is all.

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