16 December 2010

Curiosity...well, hasn't done anything tragic. Yet.

Although I may have a dead cat if she keeps climbing the Christmas tree.

*Obligatory linkage ahead*

If you're looking for my uber fantastic contest where you (YES, YOU!) have the chance to win a $50 Barnes and Noble gift card just by following and leaving a comment, then click here. So far, I've only had 3 takers. Come on, peeps! You still have until Monday!

If you're looking for my entry for Jodi Henry's uber fantastic blogfest, click here. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, if you want to view the other 29 uber fantastic entrants, click here.

All right. I think that's all of my obligatory linkage.

I don't have anything earth-shatteringly important to share with you. I know, you're disappointed. So am I. Hopefully you'll still be entertained.

Thanks to Mr. Rodell over at Eight Days to Amish (sorry, more linkage, but not obligatory, just...fun) and his post about his readership stats, I decided to look at mine, just out of curiosity. As I figured, most of my page hits are from this here United States. A lot recent hits came via Jodi's blog (yay blogfest!). What kinda boggled my mind, though, was that a teeeeeny tiiiiny percent of my readership was in Croatia.

Ok. One hit from Croatia. But it's Croatia! How cool is that?!

Strangely, after the US and Canada, my largest amount of views (a whopping 14) came from India, followed by:

United Kingdom - 8

Libya - 4

Netherlands - 2

Australia - 1 (has to be Hugh Jackman, right? :-D)

Switzerland - 1

France - 1

Croatia - 1

To me, that is strangely random. And completely awesome. But mostly, random. *Inner editor is screaming about my adverb use right now, btw*.

So. In honor of this, I'm thinking I'm going to begin scheduled posts after the holidays. Actual, scheduled, themed posts. Like normal writers do. This sporadic thing probably doesn't work out well in agent searches...

SO! I have one question and a follow-up question for you (which, in my mind works out to about 1.5 questions).

Q4U: What makes you become a follower of a blog? And what would you like to see here? I'm not the most knowledgeable person on earth, but I am supreme when it comes to research. So, whatever you guys want. How does that sound?


Nicole Zoltack said...

I like to follow blogs where the author shines through. When it's obviously the author is real. I like to get to know the author through their blog. That's what I try to do with mine.

Tracy said...

I agree with Nicole. I like it when the author mixes in what's going on with their writing and turning daily things that happen to them into fun little anecdotes.

BTW, I totally believe it's Hugh Jackman.

lexcade said...

Sweet. Thanks ladies.

If Hugh Jackman was really reading this, I'd probably die. Honestly, I'm shocked that Chris Evans hasn't sent me a nice restraining order yet. :D

Lydia K said...

I love following other writers. I just like the community it brings, and I like supporting my fellow peeps. Also, if people follow me, I usually do a follow of them. I love meeting new bloggers.