05 December 2010

writing is FUN!

One of my favorite movies in the world is Push. It may not seem like much on the outside, but the science behind it is ASTOUNDING. And yes, Chris Evans is gorgeous, but that (for once) is beside the point.

See, here's the thing. For me, writing has become about more than just self-expression. Yes, that's a lot of it, and that aspect has helped me retain most of my sanity (even if the craft itself has slowly ripped my sanity to shreds); however, I love the idea of taking what's even remotely possible (like Push), and making it realistic.

That was what I tried for in Duality. The idea that with existing science, it's really not long until technology progresses to the point that Humans' and Animals' DNA can be combined. The possibility is so real that there had to be a law passed banning that kind of experimentation.

And as writers that's what we're trying to do--make seemingly impossible situations real. That's part of why people love reading so much. Or going to movies. Either way. When it gets down to it, we're taking the possibilities of life, be they alternate dimensions, genetic cross-mutation, ghosts, demons, angels, etc--and urging them into existence. Writing has serious power, y'all.


Chris Phillips said...

Push was surprisingly good/not as well received as it should have been.

lexcade said...

i completely agree. i have issues with genre movies (like this, sunshine and a bevy of others) reviewed by a general populous with little interest in it. i want real SF lovers to review these kinds of movies because they have a working knowledge of how the genre and its tropes work. it'd be like me trying to review chick flicks. not good.