02 December 2010

Another query contest!

Yes, folks, you read that right.

Jodi Henry over at Turning the Page is hosting a new query blogfest!!!! (I'm not excited at all.) The best part is that you can send the query for your WIP.

To get all the glorious details, go here. Details are in snarky-letter-to-Janet-Reid form for your reading pleasure.

Good luck to all the entrants!


Jodi Henry said...

Thanks for posting about my fest!. Please leave a link to this post on the sig up pg.

* it is open to ALL Genre, my exmaple isn't very clear on that sorry:)*


lexcade said...

AH, great! I'll have to tell my QT buddies! Thanks for letting me know!

Chris Phillips said...

Glad you posted the all genre thing, Jodi. All I've got completed are 2 childrens' chapter books.

Tracy said...

Crap, it also means I'm running out of time to stop fussing over my query!!

lex, since I know you're an expert of all things QT...do I need to register for the forums separate from the site itself? It wouldn't let me comment the other night.

Chris Phillips said...

Yes, it's a separate account. I have a completely different username/password for each.