12 December 2010

You guys are going to make me have a contest, aren't you.

Twenty-two followers. I said when I reached 20, I'd have a contest. I've surpassed 20. And I'm totally unprepared ;) I'm working on this. Details soon to follow. I hope.

Now for something totally writing-unrelated.

I live in a multi-building complex. I'm also incredibly paranoid (which will eventually end up in a book [and the writing relation ends there]). Last night, when I took the dog out for the umpteenth time, we were minding our own collective business when a car pulled into the parking lot of my building. I thought nothing of it and continued into the yard of the next building with dog trotting happily beside me, stopping to sniff at grass or snow or what-have-you. Until that SAME CAR (or a car with incredibly similar headlights) pulled into the corresponding lot. Panic mode set in, as I am small and without weaponry. I pulled the dog back toward our building, looking back every few seconds toward the now-idling car. We got to our door, I thinking we're safe and sound, when I SEE THE CAR PULL BACK INTO THE LOT. Or, again, a car with incredibly similar headlights. I ran up the stairs, the dog in tow, locked the door and used the chain lock. Last night, I slept with a small knife under my pillow and jumped at every little sound. Is that weird to anyone else, or did I just overreact?


Chris Phillips said...

You should get a spitfire keychain. I made my wife get one when we moved into an apartment complex.

lexcade said...

i don't know what that is, but it sounds AWESOME.