01 April 2011

Friday Feature! 4/1

Holy cow! I totally forgot that it was Friday. Mostly because my weekend was Sunday-Tuesday. And spent with puppies. Pics will come soon because these babies are absolutely too cute not to overrun my blog ;)

There are going to be a lot of changes coming soon, and change isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'm looking for a new job (again, yeah I know) which might affect my blogging. I know you're all horribly disappointed. Please keep the wailing and gnashing of teeth to a minimum. But depending on what I do, I'll hopefully be able to keep my current schedule. And I'll possibly have something more awesome to blog about besides...um, nothing.

Today's Friday Feature request comes to us from my Janne over at This Week's Hobby. Janne's a super-awesome writer who's been a friend of mine since high school. She also knits like a mofo. If you're into knitting as well as writing (which I know some of you guys are), check out her website.

And without further ado, I present this week's Friday Feature:

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