12 July 2011

Guess what????

I have some exciting news, peeps!!! Sometime in the next few weeks, the awesome Lucienne Diver will *hopefully* be guest posting here! Isn't that awesome???????

I haz a happeh!

Anyway, not much to report on the writing front yet. Yesterday at work we had a power outage that lasted an hour and a half. Being at a hotel during a power outage sucks. Being the one working the desk during a power outage sucks worse...  BUT my resume has now been professionally done by my awesome sister, so hopefully I will get a new job, which means:

  • I won't be poor.
  • I'll have contests again.
  • I'll be able to mail out those things I promised 8 million years ago.
  • I'll have BETTER contests.
  • I'll be able to read more.
  • And I'll be able to afford printing out things. Things you'll like.
SO! Keep your fingers crossed. Cuz a better job for me means awesome stuff for you ;)


Lucienne emailed me her guest post, so that will be going up on Thursday! Come read about Lucienne's latest exploits in the authoring world as she discusses her newest series and the strange--but entertaining--people who live in her head. Cuz we all know how that feels ;)


Lisa Fox said...

Good luck with the job hunt! I love awesome stuff and I love when people are not poor so they can buy awesome stuff. I hope you find something really wonderful and worth your time.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

We love you even if you are poor. That's why you're so rich with friends :o) Looks like your blog title may well be self-fulfilling. Good luck!!!

lexcade said...

I love you guys, too! It's amazing how you can get so attached to people you've never seen face-to-face. Thank you for the well wishes! I'm ready to start a new phase.

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Losing electricity, working the desk at a hotel on a 98 degree day? I'll suck it up in the happy land of boring science, thanks!

lexcade said...

I'll trade you ;)

Savannah Chase said...

Keeping everything crossed...