29 August 2011

MANic Monday

Yes, I know. There's Mancandy Monday and M-whatever else Monday, but I get bored easily and have a few things I need to get out of my system. SO that being typed, I've decided to feature some of my favorite heroes (from books, movies, and video games) because *I* think it will be fun! *super-goofball-girly grin*

Who's first up? you may wonder. Well, that's a great question. So far, the name of nearly every crush I have starts with the letter "A," which, as many of you know, is the first letter of the alphabet. I know, right? Any better beginning and I'd have to actually put work into this! *snicker*


Who's first?

Well, I don't have a standing list of my crushes. I haven't done that since high school when my best friend and I made our list of the top 100 hot guys. Took. Us. DAYS. But we made it. And IT WAS AWESOME.

In the interest of alphabetization, I'm choosing as my first MANic Monday stud *drum roll, please*:

AIDEN ST. DELPHI from Half-Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout.

I WANT IT!!!!!

It's no surprise if you're up and about on Twitter. My love for Aiden has been made known for quite a while. Ever since I got my grubby hands on the manuscript. He's. Perfect. Motorcycles, rock music, guitar, and hawt as HAYELL. Also loyal, reserved, almost a wallflower. And anyone who knows me knows I have this fondness (read: obsession) with quiet, reserved men whom one may refer to as 'brooding.' Always have. And Aiden most DEFINITELY fits that list. Plus he can kick major ass. And that. Is. SEXY.

Also, his brother, Deacon, would be totes awesome to hang with.

Half-Blood drops on October 18th, and you can follow Jen on twitter or check her blog.


Anonymous said...

I think it was actually my first year at XU that we did that list. But you're right. It was a pretty spectacular list. Lacking a few people I was sadly ignorant of at the time, but awesome nonetheless.

lexcade said...

OH! I remember the XU list now, but I know we made one in Ashurst's class too. Consisted mostly of pro wrestlers ^_^

Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm actually not sure if I remember that one. We made so many lists in high school. Our version of the rules of courtly love, reasons why we shouldn't have to take the rest of humanities... Ah, youth :)