20 October 2011

I haz an award, again!

Thanks to Beckah-Rah I haz a new award ^_^ Also, today I'm a zombie. I *think* I got about 2 hours of sleep last night *thanks Jasper*.

Anyway, on to awards!

"The purpose of this award is to ask bloggers to identify their own blog posts in certain categories." Simple enough, I guess.

Hrm. Maybe not...

1.  Most Beautiful Post:  Puppies!!!! Because...well...puppies! What more do you need? Or any of my MANic Monday posts, Jon Snow in particular (Kit Harrington is effing gorgeous)

2.  Most Popular Post: Thinking Outside the Box - Or: Other publishing options besides agent + editor + waiting forever. I think it's solely because I talk about Jennifer Armentrout.

3. Most Controversial Post: ...I don't really have one. Apparently I just don't stir the pot enough or something...

4. Most Helpful post: Well, since I'm here.... Granted, it's more gratuitous talking about Julian Sands, but it's also a helpful reminder about the importance of perseverance  on our writing journeys. 

5. Most Surprisingly Successful post: Thinking Outside the Box. Seriously. I still can't believe it's that popular...

6. Post that Didn't get the Attention it Deserved: Um...all...of..theeem? Oh? I have to be specific? Hmm... I'd have to go with my interview with Phoenix Sullivan or Xakara's guest post

7.  Post I am Most Proud of: At this point, any of them that make sense. OK, there's one that I'm really happy with, which is Worldbuilding: Fantasy & Society because I get to talk about 3 of my favorite things: creating new worlds, Dragon Age: Origins, and Game of Thrones (Jon Snow *sigh*)

And now I get to tag 3 more blogs! W00t!

1 comment:

Phoenix Sullivan said...

I really love the reviews you do. If you can find the time, maybe you could do a review blog. That way, you could get free copies of books too ;o).

Yes, I think a review blog. You could even get together with another reviewer or two (maybe Becky? Landra?), set up a dedicated site and really draw some traffic. And did I mention free books?