18 February 2012


Hello and welcome to the last week of the A Touch AWESOME blogfest. I am SO SAD to see this blogfest end because it's been so much fun to do and has really reawakened my love of Leah Clifford's awesome YA urban fantasy craziness A Touch Mortal. 

For anyone who's somehow been out of the loop, Katelyn Torrey of Tales of Books and Bands and I have been hosting this 5-week A Touch Mortal love fest in celebration of the sequel A Touch Morbid, which releases in A WEEK AND TWO DAYS!!!!!! Woo hoo!

Even though we haven't had an overwhelming participation, I'm so happy to have had the opportunity to share these last five weeks with Katelyn and Leah and the rest of the awesome Darklings. 
Here's a reminder of what we did:

Week 1 (1/21-1/27): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite quotes from A Touch Mortal.

Week 2 (1/28-2/3): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite swoon-worthy moments from A Touch Mortal.

Week 3 (2/4-2/10): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite characters from A Touch Mortal.
Week 4 (2/11-2/17): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite ANYTHING. This is a free week to post your top 5 favorite randoms from A Touch Mortal.

Week 5 (2/18-2/24): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite moments from A Touch Mortal.

And as promised, here's my top 5 favorite moments from A Touch Mortal.

  1. "Shopping with Kristen." Oh. My. God. I love Kristen. If Gabe wasn't in this book, Kristen would be my absolute favorite. This scene is so hilariously uncomfortable that it created an insta-like for Kristen.

    FYI: By "Shopping with Kirsten" I mean grave-robbing.
  2. The Funeral. The first time Kristen takes Eden out after Eden's...um...unfortunate demise, they go to a funeral. It's morbid (oh hey, look at that), and Kristen's blase attitude amuses me to no end. Actually, Kristen amuses me to no end. She's on my top 10 list of favorite characters of all time. Just below Gabe.
  3. Eden and Az's reunion. Admittedly, this did NOT go like I thought it would. I was so excited for Eden and Az to see each other and for her to see he was okay, but hoooooo boy. I would NOT want to get on Eden's bad side! I love scenes that don't go like I think they will. Honestly, this entire book doesn't go like I thought it would. That's part of its awesome.
  4. The jumper. This scene is cool because it's actually A Touch Mortal's original beginning point (or jumping off point! *rim shot* I'm here all week, folks). The group of Siders watching this dude threaten to jump is so entertaining for me because, again, they have a fantabulous reaction--mild curiosity. It's actually quite fitting for the group. They've already been where this guy is, and they kinda know how it's gonna end up. See you on the other side, mofo.
  5. The showdown. I. LOVE. Epic showdowns. And Leah delivers with the last several chapters of A Touch Mortal. Rooftop showdown between good and evil? Yes please! It doesn't get better than that! What I love most about the showdown is that it's another genesis for our beloved main characters. Eden and Az are going to start some sort of effed up life together and Gabe...oh Gabe. Gabe has to figure out what to do with himself. I have NEVER been more anxious to find out what happens to a character than I have with Gabe. I adore him, and my hope is that somehow, it'll all be better in the end.

    See that, Leah? It better be okay for Gabe. Or else I WILL HUNT YOU.

    OK. Maybe not that, but seriously...the guy needs a break. 
Well, that does it for the A Touch AWESOME Blogfest. Katelyn and I have had a fantastic time putting this together for you, and we hope that you've enjoyed reading these posts. If you haven't read Leah's book, hopefully these posts have enticed you to pick it up.

Keep your eyes here or at Kate's site for a major announcement regarding some awesome Twitter fun AND a giveaway or two. Also, if you've not done it, you should add A Touch Mortal and A Touch Morbid on Goodreads. Also, you can follow Kate, Leah, and me on Twitter!

Darklings, don't forget to link up with us. If you want to talk all things A Touch Mortal with us on Twitter, just use the hashtag #Darklings. 

Once again, thanks for reading! Please please please show Katelyn some love. Without her, none of this would have been possible.

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Alexa said...

I think it's so awesome that the first moment on your list AND the last moment on your list are the same as mine. Seriously! I love Kristen. And I love Gabe <3