17 February 2012

Friday Feature 2/17

Welcome back to another erratic installment of Friday Feature. I'm hoping I'll get back to blogging regularly, but with the Indies website and the possibility of school coming up, plus my general writerly duties and Xbox addiction, well...yeah.

Also, I'm dealing with a lot of difficult personal crap. If you know me from Twitter and also from real life, you know about it, and there's no real need to rehash. Everything's been changing since last October, and not always for the better but I know it'll work itself out in the end.

Every so often, a much-needed song comes along, which helps put life into something close to perspective. I'm still working on it.

But anyway, this week's feature is another from Snow Patrol. I REALLY dig this band. This is called "This Isn't Everything You Are." Enjoy.

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