11 February 2012

A Touch AWESOME Blogfest - WEEK FOUR!

Welcome to Week Four of the A Touch AWESOME blogfest I'm hosting with the uber adorable Katelyn Torrey in celebration of the uber fantabulous Leah Clifford's second novel in the Touch series, A Touch Morbid. Doing this blogfest has reawakened my obsessive love of A Touch Mortal, and I hope that if you haven't read it, you'll be enticed to check it out. And if you HAVE read a Touch Mortal, I hope you'll be reminded of its awesome and will pre-order Morbid. Rumor has it (okay okay, Leah said it) that with every pre-order will come awesome swag.

Here's the reminder of what we're doing:

Week 1 (1/21-1/27): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite quotes from A Touch Mortal.

Week 2 (1/28-2/3): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite swoon-worthy moments from A Touch Mortal.

Week 3 (2/4-2/10): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite characters from A Touch Mortal

Week 4 (2/11-2/17): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite ANYTHING. This is a free week to post your top 5 favorite randoms from A Touch Mortal. (That's this week! Shhhhhh!)

Week 5 (2/18-2/24): Anytime during the week make a post about your top 5 favorite moments from A Touch Mortal.

It's not too late to join the fun! If you want to share some Touch *hehehehehehehe* put your link at the bottom of this post in the linky thing-a-madoober.
And now for the fun.
To be honest, I've been looking so so forward to this week. When I figured out what I wanted my free topic to be, I squeed with joy and delight.
And this time it's not Gabe-induced.
It's Luke-induced.
This week, my Darklings, my pretties, I'm bringing you all the Luke you can handle.
That's right. This week, I'm celebrating my favorite bad boy, badass lead singer--the leather pants wearing, shiver-inducing, love-and-hate ball of awesome, LUKE with my Top Five Favorite Lukeisms. Yes. He gets his own made-up word.
(Also, it doesn't hurt that some of his best quips are from when he's with Gabe.)
  1. "Just because I don't know how to work a toy doesn't mean I don't want it in my box. She's shiny." Discussing Eden with Gabe. It's the "She's shiny" part that sells it.
  2. "Whisper me your wickedness, Gabriel, and pretend all it'll cost is a few Our Fathers like the mortals." I get shivers. The "Whisper me your wickedness" is so poetic and cruel. Especially considering what Gabe stands to lose if he does.
  3. "Oh come now. Don't get judgmental. Tales of war are always told by the victors. Add a few translation errors and suddenly I have this horrible reputation. I mean, I'm Dawn's Supernova. Where's the darkness in that?" Touche, prince of darkness. Touche.
  4. "Spill it, or I carve out her eyes." Gabe hesitated, his eyes shiftin gfrom maroon to gold and back. "If you'd like," Luke added, "I'll save them for you in a jar." I've said it before, and I'll say it a bazillion more times. I like 'em crazy.
  5. "Two out of three isn't bad." He started to stumble away, holding himself up on the wall.
    "Eden isn't yours," Az called after him.
    Luke looked back. "Gabe made her. Her Siders go Downstairs now."
    The implications of this (and the fact that it's the last thing Luke says) give me shivers in a not-so-good way.
Don't forget to check out Katelyn's post! <3

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Katelyn said...

You my dear are BRILLIANT for making this post Luke infused! He is so creepy and these lines show just that. I know it is crazy to say but I can't wait to see more of him in the next book!!!