12 March 2012

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Hey guys. I've missed you. Like, a lot.

So I figured I'd do a quick update to let you know why I've abandoned you except for the I <3 Dogs blogfest posts.

I've been working on a few different things. The Indies website takes up a lot of time, but it's time well spent, and I don't mind. I've had the opportunity to read a lot of really great books that I wouldn't have otherwise. It's forced me to read a lot more, too. Two books a month + reviews keeps me pretty busy in itself.

Also, I finished Spark *does happy dance* so I've been trying to do content editing before I harass beg find beta readers to read it. It's by far one of my most favorite things I've written, and I'm planning the sequel as well. Right now, it's planned as a duet, but we'll see if it stretches into a trilogy. I kinda hope not, considering it was intended to be a standalone.

Thirdly, I got to go to Michigan this last weekend for Leah Clifford's InsaniTEA party! OH MY GAWD it was fun. Seriously. I finally got to see my adorable blog partner-in-crime Katelyn Torrey face-to-face (we made a scene; it was awesome), and am now addicted to Schuler Books & Music. It's a great store and if you have the chance to go to one, DO EET. This place kicks B&N's behind like nobody's business. Also, they have a small section of bacon-related products for you bacon enthusiasts out there, such as an I <3 Bacon magnet, a wallet that looks like bacon, and--I kid you not--a board game called Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure. Yes. A board game about bacon. It's crazy-awesome. I already want to go back.

So...yeah. I'll have for real content up soon including:

  • Mass Effect & Mass Effect 2 reviews
  • A post about throwing wrenches into your characters' plans
  • Other stuff
What have you guys been up to?


Landra said...

Well, you know what I've been up to. But the latest news is I'm flying/driving on a 1 day trip from Arkansas to Wisconsin and back! All courtesy of the day job.

Break in sight... I think not!

P.S. I'd rather be writing or reading or review :P

Landra said...

Oh, and I'm glad you made it back from Michigan alive and well.

Plus, I'm jealous. ;)

Pippa Jay said...

I'm still fighting with my sequel, and got landed with the announcement of my editor's resignation. Meh.