08 March 2012

I (heart) Dogs Blogfest - Week 3!

Welcome in for Week 3 of the I <3 Dogs blogfest, hosted by the awesome blog, Small Town Rescue.

In case you want to join the fun, here are the weekly themes:

Week 1 (2/20-2/26) – Favorite animal organization/rescue

Week 2 (2/27-3/4) – Favorite pet story (Tell us about your favorite pet! Doesn’t have to be a dog).

Week 3 (3/5-3/11) – Favorite animal-related book, movie, song, etc.

Week 4 (3/12-3/18) – What I know about dog rescues organizations?

Week 5 (3/19-3/25) – The gorgeous, the active, and the unique. Tell us your favorite dog breed.

Week 6 (3/26-4/1) – Favorite Dog/Pet Stores in your area.

Week 7 (4/2-4/8) – Favorite dog parks and dog-friendly attractions in your area.

Week 8 (4/9-4/15) – If I had a dream… What would you do for rescue dogs if you could?

Today is one of the weeks I'm most excited about because I get to talk about two of my favorite dog-related media...thingies. 

I've been a dog-lover since I was a wee one, and that is evidenced most by my love of and devotion to the book The Poky Little Puppy by Janette Sebring Lowrey. I made my parents read me this book over and over and over again because I couldn't get enough of the precocious little puppy. Also add in the fact I'm a little poky myself, and you have a match made in literary heaven. Of course, the book had its lesson as well, but I thought I could live without dessert if I got to roam around ;) 

My other absolute favorite dog-related thing of all time is Disney's The Lady and the Tramp. OH! It's still my favorite Disney movie to this day (even more than Beauty and the Beast) because it's a sweet tale of love and acceptance. Tramp was by far my favorite, although I loved Jock and Trusty (I still want a Scotty dog to name Sean Connery). I remember when I was a kid being incredibly affected by the scene in the dog pound, where this sweet, kinda dopey dog is taken into the back to be put down. I cried then and I cry now thinking about it. If I had to pick a place where my love for adoption and taking in strays started, it would be this movie. 

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Phoenix Sullivan said...

Why does it not surprise me Bad Boy Tramp is your fave? :p

Ooh, perhaps we'll see him in a special AniMANic Monday edition.

Laura Diamond said...


I hope to visit a corgi this weekend--eventually, I'd like to adopt her. ;)

lexcade said...

Phoenix, I know, right? I love Tramp! He's adorable! I wanted a scruffy dog after that. And a cocker spaniel. I had little Lady stuffed animals *yes, plural* when I was a kid.

Laura, I hope you adopt her! Corgis are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet and adorable. Take lots of pics when you bring her home ;)

Lisa Fox said...

Lady and the Tramp is one of the best movies ever. I also love it to this day.

This is a wonderful blogfest! I've been enjoying this immensely!