20 March 2012

Sky Pirates Unite!

Like most people, I'm totally enamored with Steampunk. I love the ideas of it, and how it combines my love of the Victorian Era with my love of crazy science-y things. And like most people, I don't exactly know what Steampunk entails.

That's why I'm calling on my Steampunk-loving, Steampunk-writing, gear & steam enthusiasts to help me celebrate this awesome genre. 

This is the official call for guest posts, and I'll be promoting it for a while. I'm planning on doing a giveaway myself at the end of Steampunk Appreciation Week, and any authors who participate and want to do giveaways of their own are absolutely encouraged. If you'd like to participate with a guest post or interview (or both!) then please email me at c (dot) peace (at) live (dot) com! Please include topic, what on date you'd like to participate, if you plan on doing a giveaway (and of what), and the appropriate links for any sort of promos. Thanks!!!!!!!

Let's have some fun with this! ;)


Deb Salisbury said...

Hey, this sounds like fun! I'll be watching. :-)

Jackie said...

One of my CP's loves Steampunk. I'll tell her about this.

Smile that contagious smile of yours because I tagged you in the Lucky 7. :D

Landra said...

I'm loving this Steampunk tribute. I happen to be in love with the genre too. Reading a couple of steam punk novels right now. ;)