19 March 2012

MANic Monday

You knew this was going to happen. There'll be a Commander (John) Shepard post too. Like I said, I'm dating my Xbox, and it's been awfully good to me. As a result, I'm basing this post off the Arkham games' version of Batman, cuz....*fans self*.

There's a lot to love about a billionaire philanthropist who fights crime at night. There's even more to love about his somewhat questionable mental state, which begs the question of "Who's the real Bruce Wayne?" Is it said billionaire philanthropist or is it the guy who kicks ass and solves crimes? 'Tis a slippery slope, and that only adds to the allure of the Bat. At least for me. I like 'em a little crazy.

Aggression issues aside, one of the best parts of Bruce is his unwavering sense of justice and his by-any-non-lethal-means-necessary approach, which compliments his integrity. However, this doesn't mean he's not willing and able to beat the bejeezus out of some thugs. He just won't kill them. On purpose.

Also, he's man enough to let people help him (Oracle, Alfred, Robin, Nightwing, etc.). Occasionally, even Catwoman or Mr. Freeze will lend a hand.

Batman is one of the best anti-heroes ever. Better than Punisher, better than Kratos (that's right, I typed it), and the only reason I deal with DC Comics.


Lisa Fox said...

You know that I am simply gushing over this post. I LOVE the Batman and his world is dark, crazy, heroic goodness.

Savannah Chase said...

It has been a while since I've played video games...From what I remember Batman is a great game..

Landra said...

Batman is my ultimate hero. I think I could tame him. Lol! Probably not, but a gal can dream.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

I could never get into Batman as a comic. Just couldn't. (Loved Nightwing and the Titans, though.) But I did tear out the splash page from the issue where he's pulled the second Robin's body out of the rubble and is holding him. Devastating art. I kept it on my fridge door forever. Then I found out that issue had increased in value to $50 for a copy in good condition. I don't tear splash pages out any longer.

However, the graphic novels, the animated series, the movies ... pretty much everything non-comic I was all over. I think I just love my Batman as dark a knight as possible.