15 March 2012

I (heart) Dogs blogfest Week 4!

Welcome in for Week 4 of the I <3 Dogs blogfest, hosted by the awesome blog,Small Town Rescue.

In case you want to join the fun, here are the weekly themes:

Week 1 (2/20-2/26) – Favorite animal organization/rescue

Week 2 (2/27-3/4) – Favorite pet story (Tell us about your favorite pet! Doesn’t have to be a dog).

Week 3 (3/5-3/11) – Favorite animal-related book, movie, song, etc.

Week 4 (3/12-3/18) – What I know about dog rescues organizations?

Week 5 (3/19-3/25) – The gorgeous, the active, and the unique. Tell us your favorite dog breed.

Week 6 (3/26-4/1) – Favorite Dog/Pet Stores in your area.

Week 7 (4/2-4/8) – Favorite dog parks and dog-friendly attractions in your area.

Week 8 (4/9-4/15) – If I had a dream… What would you do for rescue dogs if you could? 

Back home (home being the smallish town of Harlan, KY), my mom's a part of the local humane society. One of the women in charge is an AMAZING woman named Jeannie, who gives everything she has to the animals she rescues. Last tally at her house? Over forty dogs. Forty. And that's not including cats. Or any of the other random animals they seize. Jeannie commits herself to protecting animals from abusive owners and seeking prosecution for them. She's incredible.

Jeannie has seized dogs, cats, horses, mules, you name it, she's seized it from a neglectful owner. She and her fellow humane society members are Harlan's Animal Cops.

She also finds strays, and believe me, Harlan has a lot of them. She's been instrumental in helping to provide affordable spaying and neutering for lower-income families who love their animals but can't afford the procedures. In a town with a high-volume high-kill shelter, these changes carry a huge impact in the community.

One of the HHS's new "pet projects" is getting horses in Kentucky covered under Romeo's Law. For anyone unfamiliar with this law and the case that prompted it, settle in for a brief history lesson.

Romeo's owner was caught on tape brutally beating his dog. Before this law was enacted, dog and cat abuse was only a misdemeanor offense. Under Romeo's Law, abuse is a class D felony--but only in the cases of dogs and cats.

So far, there hasn't been much action on the petition to get horses included under Romeo's Law. So...I started my own online petition. I can haz signatures?

Don't forget to check out the Small Town Rescue blog to read the ladies' contributions AND for deets on how to win some pretty stellar prizes!


Elaine AM Smith said...

I thought this idea was the most amazing thing. I love the idea of focussing on the work of organisations that rescue animals from the worst of human treatment.

I got side tracked by Lord Denbury's offer - the definition of Denburylicious ;)

Do you have much trouble with robots?

lexcade said...

Oh Lord Denbury....

I don't have a terrible problem with bogs, but...better to be safe than sorry, I suppose.