24 June 2015

If my life were a...........

So I had a bit of a fun (read: terrible) day today regarding trying to get to see a new psychiatrist I'd made an appointment with. After about 6 hours of rigumerole, which included a trip to urgent care and then going to the ER in some last ditch, mental health Hail Mary, I got somewhere. I actually got farther than I have in months.

(For those who don't know, I'm clinically severely depressed. I was on meds, then never got a hold of my doctor again and things just kinda went down from there.)

Anyway, I'm going to my very first group therapy session tomorrow after an appointment with a different doctor. Woot. And I thought, If my life were a romance novel, tomorrow I'd meet the guy of my dreams.

And then I thought of a game. If my life were a.......................

Here's how it works. You guys give me a situation and 4-5 genres, and I try to figure it out. For instance, with my therapy tomorrow, if my life were a:

  • YA Novel: I'd enter a room filled with the morose and the ones whose parents make them go. There'd be a couple people there who would really be benefitting from the group and one in particular would welcome me in. Then I'd see him--the aloof boy who obviously doesn't want to be there. He'd be dressed in black with a couple of piercings, and then he'd look up and our eyes would meet, and I'd be lost in the surprise of a smile from him.
  • Science Fiction Novel: There'd be something really weird about the therapist and maybe one or two of the people there, a slight difference too difficult to narrow down. Not long after everyone sits, the therapist suddenly grows tentacles and announces he's taking us to his home planet in troublingly good English. We must fight to survive. Some of us fall. I'm taken captive with five others, including a boy I find to be perfect in every way.
  • Horror Novel: Once all the participants are settled in and the session starts, the lights go off for only a few moments. There's commotion. The lights flick back on and one of us is dead but there's no evidence of a weapon and no one is bloody. One of us is a talented killer, but who?


    Everyone's already seated when I walk in, and the session is about to start. They're strangely friendly, like they don't know how to be genuinely nice. Against my better judgment, I sit. Someone turns out the light, and the room is illuminated by a glow-in-the-dark shape of a pentagram. Someone lights candles while two of the strongest people try to tie me up. I manage to escape their grip and bolt into the hallway, but now I have to get away from them before they use me to summon their dark god.
Sound fun? If so, leave me a situation in the comments and I'll see what I can do!


Landra said...

If my life were a 90's Sitcom

Cate Peace said...

Ooooh that's a cruel one ;) Lemme see what I can do.

Cate Peace said...
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