19 July 2015


Hey everyone! Just wanted to give you a quick update on a few things:

  • I'm not dead. This seems to be very important, so there you go. Therapy went well. I was only able to do two weeks of the partial in-patient treatment because of my work schedule, but it's a good foundation and I'm excited for things to come. I'm excited about things in general, which is a huge change. The new job is going well, and other than being super duper tired, I'm enjoying it.
  • PROJECTS! Lots of upcoming projects, so keep your eyes on this space. I'm plotting Gemini 2 right now, AND I finished draft zero on Amy's Hunt (Solstice Quartet #2) and plan on diving into rewrites this week. Guys, it's SERIOUSLY one of my favorites. Not gonna lie. Not gonna lie at all. Amy and Marrok, Ambre and Clara (omg especially Clara), are awesome. Have this completely unedited snippet:
          With a charming smile, the waiter sat down their plates. Clara batted her eyelashes and made small talk, something to make the energy normal again, but for Amy, things wouldn't be normal. Not anymore.  
          For a brief moment, she wished she'd handed Clara the box, but some memories needed to stay buried.   
          “So what’s up?” Taking a gulp of wine, Amy worked on focusing her thoughts. Seemed appropriatto start witthe funny stuff, the not-so-world-changing stuff, even though every moment witMarrok seemed to be world-changing. “Well, I hope you’re feeling sufficiently…happy.” 
          “I’m a bit woo-headed, yes,” she said with a wide smile. 
          “Technical term.” Clara leaned forward. “Please tell me that you’re gonna tell me the funny thing I missed out on for your booty call.” 
          Once her friend’s words made sense, Amy nodded. “Hope you’re prepared for this.” 
          “I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment. Please, proceed.” 

  • MOAR PROJECTS. These will require me to start a new blog with a pen name. So, again, please keep your eyes on this space.  

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