07 June 2011

I'm still here!

I promise I'm still alive. Sorry for the radio silence. Life's gotten hectic, but things have settled down now. AND I HAVE SO MUCH TO TELL YOU! About a conference I went to. Nothing on the agent/publisher front yet, as I'm still very angry at Duality. Well, Duality's beginning anyway. I'm pretty cool with the rest of it. Especially that one part.

So yeah. Soon I'll be back with fun stories, new authors for you to visit, if you haven't yet, and new reviews of stuff I should reviewed by now. So yes. The days ahead will be full of...well, something more than they have been.


Beckah-Rah said...

Hey, I understand. Life has a nasty little habit of getting in the way of one's genius. :)

Nicole Zoltack said...

Life is crazy for me too right now. We'll all be here, waiting for you when your life settles some.

Chris Phillips said...

Glad you had a good conference and also are not dead.